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Village council


A committee of people are at this point standing in the garden, looking down the hole, attempting to connect the various bits of system we have together.  What can we do with a host of different sized pipes, a water filter and a garden pump?  I read the instructions and was unable to fathom how it could work, but maybe they can.  Apparently, though the hole is 28 metres deep, there is water at 8 metres down, so quite obviously this is the same water supply as our neighbours. I hope that this does not cause problems with other people’s water supply. This aside, we may soon be at the end of the dry days at Novy Mlyn.

Can I calculate heat loss from heat gain?


Is there a mathematician in the house?

I am trying to work out how much power I will need to heat Novy Mlyn. It just occurred to me that I could collect some data now which could help.   It’s hot here at the moment, very hot… yet the temperature of Novy Mlyn remains comfortable. The upstairs got quite warm one night a couple of weeks ago (up to about 26 deg c) but the downstairs is always pleasantly cool compared with the heat outside.  Does this mean that the house would retain heat in the winter too? Now, who would know the answer to such a question?



At long last, my computer is fixed – I’ve been working in ‘safe mode’ for the last month, meaning that I couldn’t access my Skype account, resulting in a general feeling of disconnectedness.

We also have Internet access at Novy Mlyn, and are getting closer to having water. BUT ARE STILL WITHOUT WATER – much like Gloucestershire.

So… the big news this week – we have Internet access at Novy Mlyn. Read the rest of this entry »

Progressing well


Paperchase: for the well permit we needed a project plan, we needed the project plan to send to Eon in order to get a letter from them about any cables in the vicinity of the well. We had a meeting with a hydrological company in Tábor this week who we’d been told could do a project plan for us. They can, but only after we have made the bore hole. Totally pointless.

Instead, plan b has been to simply turn up at the offices of Eon with all the paperwork I have and see what happens. To achieve this, I caught the 6.03 bus from outside Novy Mlyn this morning, which goes directly to the main town in South Bohemia, and was there by 7.45 am. After visiting various offices, fingers crossed the letter will be sent to us soon. We may be on our way to having water!!!

Two weeks of hard labour


On the plus side, I’m sleeping very well and my jeans are looser… at the expense of being somewhat achey and uncommunicative. When M has been working in Tábor at the flat, he comes home with a super solar shower full of hot water for me. We can’t wait to have the water supply connected, but we are still waiting for any information from the phone company O2.

This morning as I was working on windows I saw two young goats playing hide and seek on next door’s roof. They know they’re not supposed to be up there because when the neighbour returns to wherever we’ve been, they jump off quicketysnap. I spotted our neighbour repairing his roof the other day & wonder if it’s goat related damage. If they don’t buck up, they’ll be stew. Read the rest of this entry »

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