500 Year Vision

Take pleasure from walking lightly on this Earth

If the project had a name already, that would be the title of this post.


Since the idea came to me on Sunday night I have been working in a somewhat measured way (do you remember Learn10? Ha – yes – when we drove ourselves into the ground by working seven days a week, twelve hours a day, for EIGHTEEN MONTHS – that was fun.  Not going to do that again.  Super Funtimes – but then we burned out. Learned a lot though).

Let me introduce you to the concept.  We need to remove carbon from the atmosphere because it is destabilising our living environment.  (Of course, we know that overpopulation and pollution are also playing their predictable part – that is outside the scope).  I was talking to Rory and Martik over the weekend – a little about their own projects and other stuff as well – including complexity science – systems that are made up of smaller parts, where each smaller part doesn’t obviously relate to the larger effect it has in combination – and also about how necessary it is for the future to have independent systems for the production of energy etc.  And who hasn’t heard of those companies who will take the ashes of your dead beloved and crush it into a diamond, so you can have your husband set into a ring after he dies? I was also recently in the UK staying with my friend (uncle) Steve, who is working on trading systems.  So – if you input all of this data into your brain over a short time, then the output is obvious, isn’t it? Well at least obvious enough that I simply cannot be the only person in the World to have had the same idea…

Did you guess what it is yet? Okay – so probably the only reason you are reading this is because you know about the idea.

I need a name so that we can set up communications using that name.  I was going to say email, but I’m not so sure that’s what the kids are using these days – and by kids I mean adults, adults younger than me.   So – other forms – not email – not web pages.  Who reads blogs any more!  Thats the kind of technology you’d want if your internet connection was a telephone cable. So – this is a moot point – this text.  I think I could probably hide just about anything in the fourth paragraph – because who reads that far?  TLDR. So this blog is here to help me think and plan, and make sure all is technically in the public domain, because that is important.   That there is a record.  I know that I am drawing battle lines, and any measure of success will result in push back from many fronts.

There are the well-funded deniers, the gamer gate people – (it is unwise to be female on the Internet.  As this project is important and considered, I have to realistically consider if myself appearing to be  in the lead might actually cause damage because I’m not actually a man.  It’s unwise to even talk of such things – seeing as there is a whole army of thought-disenfranchised people making entertainment from an invented gender war. ) I do not write this paragraph easily.

Today my needs are:

  • A name
  • A mechanism for recording the work of others – a time sheet that I can use for payments later
  • Some video content from my team

Anyway, since Sunday night (NO sleep, btw), I have been talking to people I think may be interested in being involved.  Pitching the idea, somewhat.  Yesterday I started to work on communications – the first video is now up on YouTube.  I look like someone who is not used to posting myself on YouTube.  Not much I can do about that right now.  I looked at kickstarter and filled in a fun version of that.  Also JustGiving – but that will not just give to something which is not a registered charity (appears to give options, but loops around pages).

Today I need to think about a good name for the new project.  I have set up a campaign on a site called Generosity – which is part of Indiegogo, and titled that Lucy in the Sky.  Temporary names are a bad idea.

We discovered from Learn10 how difficult things could be if you didn’t start off with the right name. So many things are absolutely dependent on you being able to explain a concept in a short time, and names are information in themselves. So – an echo through time is my learnitwidget gmail address – which really makes me cringe now. And so many sites and services just will not let you make such a change.

I shall finish now, publish and be damned.  More laterz…