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Give Halloween Lanterns a happy ending: Spiced Pumpkin Preserve


This recipe is inspired by the Ukranian method of making preserves where fruit is pretty much candied. The pumpkin in this preserve will retain a firm texture and beautiful colour.  It takes patience, but the results are well worth waiting for.


1.5k 3.3lb pumpkin

1.5k 3.3lb sugar

2tsp ground cinnamon

2tsp ground nutmeg

2tsp ground cloves

2tsp ground ginger

2tsp ground allspice

Zest of three lemons finely grated.


Take your Halloween lantern off the porch before it begins to decay. It’s quite cold here, and ours sat outside for a whole week with no problems.

This recipe calls for 1.5k or 3.3 lb of pumpkin flesh. I suggest you use the rest of the pumpkin in a delicous Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew).

Cut the cleaned and peeled pumpkin into cubes as small as you can bear to cut. The smaller the pieces the easier it will be to spread the preserve on toast.

In a large bowl, mix the cubed pumkin with the sugar, spices and lemon rind. After about an hour the sugar will turn to liquid as moisture is drawn out of the pumpkin flesh.  Cover the bowl with a clean cloth and leave it be until the next day.

The next day, transfer the mixture to a large pan, bring this to a boil, then take it off the heat. Once it has cooled, cover again with a clean cloth http://prescriptionpharmacy.net/ and leave till the following day.  You will repeat this process on subsequent days until the fruit is translucent – usually three days.

On the last day, boil the preserve for twenty minutes, before pouring into sterilised jars. These are usually stacked upside-down and wrapped in a woollen blanket for the day.  The preserve will last well in a cool, dark spot.


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