500 Year Vision

Take pleasure from walking lightly on this Earth

What our mornings look like at the end of August.

  1. Let Bunbury outside to pee.
  2. Release the mother hen with her chicks.
  3. Change the water by the taps in the large tray.
  4. Release the teenager chickens from the ark.
  5. Make sure their food is at least half full (1 cup of meal & 2 cups of grain mixed with a little water. The door should be left open just enough so the growing birds can get in and eat the food.
  6. Open the hen house and let the ducks out of their cage.
  7. Duck food – 1 cup of grain under 10cm of water by the taps.
  8. Put a cup of oats from the green barrel into the yellow hanging feeder for the adult chickens.
  9. Milk Dijon goat
  10. Feed Bunbury one cup of dry food.
  11. Feed the cats a couple of spoons of canned food.
  12. Bunbury needs to go for a walk at some point during the day – mid afternoon is good.
  13. In the evening, just after the sun goes behind the trees, or if it is stormy anytime after 5pm – lock up the adult chickens in the hen house – currently 6 chickens sleep in there. After the chickens are roosting, the goose can go in, and finally you can go pick up the 2 ducks in the garden and put them in their cage for the night.
  14. The 5 teenager chickens should be herded into the ark quite easily if their food has run out during the day – just refill the food (as before 2 cups of grain, 1 cup of meal and a little water).
  15. Refill the grain feeder for the mother hen and 4 chicks and put them back into their hutch on the back porch.
  16. Dijon goat  – evening milking.
  17. Feed Bunbury and the cats as before. Let the dog out to pee before you go to bed.


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