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Mid Winter Break


Our five hundred metre millrace joins a stream to our lake, providing fresh water for fish and, I suspect, the surrounding houses. The neighbour hires out the valley upstream to a horse farm. Our land is not fenced off, and at the end of the autumn there was quite a lot of rain. The horses then stood under the trees on the edge of the millrace and trampled down the edges of the bank until it was destroyed and the water poured out into the valley. We discovered this when the ground was already frozen hard, so there was nothing to do but be sad about the wet valley.
Luckily, there has been a period of warm weather between Christmas and New Year, so we have been able to spend a pleasant couple of days repairing the millrace by putting the bank back together with spades. Hard work, but after the excesses of a typical Christmas, it’s been a pleasure to be out working in the fresh air.
The horse farm put their electric fence, to contain the horses, on the far side of the millrace, meaning it isn’t protected. I hope that they will play nicely and not allow their horses to cause such damage to our land in future.

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