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October Planning Diary


First frost predicted 16th October

(1) Finish hay making

(2) Scythe nettles

(3) Apple compote

(4) apple drying

(5) apple pressing for juice and cider

(6) Finish painting radiators

(7) tackle hallway window renovation

(8) Plant coriander

(9) plant peas for salad

(10) Prop up Ark so wood off ground & cover with tarp

(11) Repair apple press.

(12) Move geraniums inside – hallway?

(13) Move blue planters inside

(14) Move trees

(15) Plant spring bulbs

(16) Put up winter curtains

(17) Insulate hen house

(18) Mulch asparagus, artichokes, garlic, vines

(19) plant peas for spring & mulch

(20) Harvest willow after leaves drop

(21) Make tree protectors

(22) Halloween!

(23) dig up soil for winter toilet

(24) Harvest and store carrots

(25) Vacuum floor in attic

(26) Whitewash in attic

(27) Paint utility room & finish floor

(28) Dig up nettle babies

(29) Natural plaster around radiator pipes

(30) Repair paintwork around windows

(31) Rehome hibernating ladybirds and vacuum up hibernating cluster flies


Keep an eye on the night time forecast – Geraniums, tomatoes, aubergines & peppers  will  need to move inside if below 3 degrees.

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