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Halloween – a perfect time to bury some ghosts


As ever, October has whipped by at a rate of knots.  We’ve had both sunshine and snowfall.  A couple of weeks ago I spent Saturday afternoon sitting outside reading in the sun, and just last weekend we watched as our surroundings were blotted out by snow.

Building on the planning that I did in September, and with the help of Eva and Ricardo, the Homesteading Diary is now in print. There are a couple of changes I’d like to make after receiving the first physical copy – swapping a comma for a semicolon, and altering the line spacing on the to do list as it clashes with the lines on the facing page and so looks ugly where it shows through the paper onto the following notes page – which  would make it elegant.

So – as well as making our first batches of soap, producing the diary, getting apple juice pressed and bottled and getting a lot of sorting out done in the garden, this month we have also created a geocache at Nový Mlýn (a point on a treasure hunt – a bit like Dartmoor letterboxing but on an international scale) – this is something that I’d thought about doing a long time ago, however it took the visit of a keen geocacher to make this happen – it’s so good when people arrive with skills and enthusiasms that spur you into action.

“A Grave Error” refers to the lost history of the Hussite battle up the valley- commemorated by the Cubist Chalice memorial but elsewhere forgotten, as well as the errors made at the starch mill which lead to the explosion in which two people lost their lives, and finally the fact that there is actually a grave up by the lake – the architect who committed suicide and so the Church would not permit him to be buried in consecrated ground.  I hope that people find the story interesting:



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