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Nový Mlýn Homesteaders’ Journal for 2013


For reasons too dull to expand on here, I’ve spent rather a lot of time during the last month capable only of light activity – I worry that I’ll be developing the muscle tone of an office worker – the horror.  One upside has been that I’ve had time to work on the Homesteaders’ Journal – ironically something I’d been planning to do for quite some time.

The journal takes the form of a week to view diary and includes a meal planner, weekly chores list and other project to-do list.  Each month there is also a fold-out list of main jobs. It is now available as a pdf file – you can just print it out and either repurpose and old book by sticking the sheets into it, or stitch bind it together (the dates are only on one side of the paper so you can double print it & order the pages as necessary).  We will be working on a fully-finished version which will be uploaded to Blurb –  we plan to add a four season apple tree animation in the corner – and we’ll need a nice cover, of course.

Diary sheets stuck into an old book

Print your own diary for 2013

So – if you want to print your own planning diary for 2013 you can find it here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzVwxf87Am3lMUV0SnByQThCaFE

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