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Around and about – things to do (and eat) around Nový Mlýn


We are planning a night away in North Bohemia. I wanted to ask the host some questions about specific points of interest in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation, as well as the very important question of food! Are we able to use the kitchen at the b&b 0r are there restaurants or pubs which do food within walking distance or a short drive?  This made me realise that we don’t have such info about Nový Mlýn easily available – so here it is:

The nearest restaurant is Hotel Mlýn in Černovice – 4km from the house. Their kitchen is open till 9pm – (but try to be there to order by 8pm) – basic Czech style food with a good selection of local fish.

Červená Lhota is a red château in a lake located 18km from Nový Mlýn. There is a theatre with outdoor performances at the weekends during summer months, as well as an international restaurant which is open during the day and summer evenings – please note that when they say they close at 9pm – they mean that they want you to leave by 9pm.

Self catering – there are a number of shops in Černovice (4km away), and one which stays open until 7pm  on Saturday and Sunday.

The Jewish Memorial in Černovice, close to Hotel Mlýn,  is a unique recognition of the impact of the Holocaust on the life of a village in Central Europe. It can be contrasted with other Jewish cemeteries in South Bohemia – where whole populations were wiped out – for example the unkempt and vandalised state of the cemetery by the swimming quarry at Kamenice Nad Lipou.

Walks – you are free to wander in any direction through the forests surrounding the house.  It’s nice to follow the course of the stream – down towards an ancient willow tree bridge or up through pretty forest dells to a Cubist chalice commemorating the Hussite battleground in Křeč.
“Monument commemorating the 500th anniversary of the last battle of Tabor, unveiled 22nd September 1935. A stone monument in the shape of the cup is on the left side of the road leading from Křeč to Černovice, the alleged location of the battle. In this battle defeated Ulrich II. Rosenberg army camp and before this defeat in 1435 ended the Hussite wars.” (translated from the village website).

Finally, you can go 8km west towards Choustník, from where hales the famous Bohemia Chips. The ruins of the castle are on the hill, from where you can see a fantastic sunset over South Bohemia, including our very own Mordoresque Temelin power station, and otherwise picturesque. The castle is open to visitors during the summer months, at other times of year you can carefully walk around the walls of the castle to a lookout spot on rocks above a forested ravine.

Kamenice Nad Lipou is 17km from Nový Mlýn. On hot days the quarry, close to the Jewish cemetery, is the best place to swim in South Bohemia. The water is crystal clear and there is a convenient jumping off point for the more adventurous.  The town is named after the Lime tree which grows by the castle – it is said to be between 700 and 900 years old. There are several restaurants in Kamenice Nad Lipou offering decent quality Czech food. We like the one by the railway station.

The railway running through Křeč – at the top of our valley via Kamenice Nad Lipou to the main town of the area – Jindřichův Hradec – is a curious affair. It feels almost as if run as a hobby by some eccentric millionaire. This completely uncomputerised narrow gauge system operates trains with single carriages and still issues linoprint mechanically printed cardboard tickets, stamped with a number. It is possible to travel by steam train during the special summer service.

If you would like to go and meet camels, lama, goats and pot-belly pigs there is a mini petting zoo on the road to Chynov, 13km from the house. You can also purchase free-range milk here (a rare find due to industrialised farming methods in these parts).

The places above are all accessible by foot and/or public transport. We also have old fashioned road bicycles that you are welcome to borrow.

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