500 Year Vision

Take pleasure from walking lightly on this Earth

Looking forward – the major jobs


So… these are some projects for which we need money, solutions or expertise:

  1. Glassing in the front porch (which will provide a solar gain to the house in winter months).
  2. Purchasing solar water heating panels and attaching to the boiler.
  3. Solar photo voltaic panels for electric (we’re in a valley so not enough wind).
  4. Insulation of walls – internal insulation will mean we can do this ourselves, and also not alter the façade of the building.
  5. Taking down the derelict barns- it would be amazing to be able to convert some of these collapsed buildings into greenhouse space.
  6. Disposing of the grey tiles.
  7. Finishing the utility room floor.
  8. Rewiring the electrics in the utility room.
  9. Repair of ceilings in corridors where collapsed.
  10. Shellac of beams in attic.
  11. Renovation of windows in attic.
  12. Stripping and polishing wooden floor in lounge.
  13. Fixing the hole in the pond so we can put rainbow trout in.
  14. Re-flooring the attic with layer of insulation underneath.
  15. Bathroom tap stand.
  16. Completing repaint of radiators we bought from the scrap yard.
  17. Hand-washing sink for composting toilet (not just tap on wall).
  18. Putting up fence for the sheeple so that they can graze on the other side of the pond (so giving the trees more of a chance in 2012).
  19. The swimming pond.
  20. A yurt.


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