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Visiting my great aunt on the way back from the UK last week really brought home to me how important our visitors are.  My aunt – always the most lively person at any gathering, has decided to return home after eleven years as a foreigner.  The main reason seems to be that she spends a lot of time alone – at first there were lots of other British couples about, but for one reason or another – exchange rates reducing pensions or homesickness, they have gradually dwindled.  We arrived back from our trip to a house full of eight, six of whom I’d not met before.  Though many don’t envy us our choice of lifestyle – house-sharing is always a careful balancing act, this constantly evolving group has saved us.

I was nervous at first – as most people would be, but I’m getting to know our new guests. I’ve cried with laughter on at least two occasions in the last twenty-four hours, and we have had some AMAZING food.  Rosie made a tagine in a Squash accompanied by a delicious beetroot and fennel salad – all from vegetables growing in the spiral garden. I’m cooking lunch. There are ten of us here right now and the standard has been set very high.

As we don’t have children, and the countryside in this area is depopulated of young(ish) professionals, without our volunteer visitors we would be rattling around this big old house alone.  It can sometimes be stressful coordinating the activities of so many people, however, in general, our visitors are creative, intelligent and willing, and committed to living a sustainable lifestyle. I am incredibly grateful to spend so much time amongst people with whom I can share ideals, and meals.

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