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Nový Mlýn’s Teepoo & Global Agents for Change


Tipis are structures designed to be easily movable.  Our number one problem with the old outhouse had been how difficult it was to reposition when inevitably necessary.

The composting toilet attached to the house is a bagged system which must be manually emptied on a regular basis. This is fine when we are a household of two to twelve people, however we had been asked to host Global Agents for Change on their annual fund-raising ride though Europe. This would mean twenty four people, plus our current household.

Our solution was the beautiful, elegant Teepoo.  We did our online research, harvested wood for poles and found a canvas. For the internal structure we used a stack of old tyres, lined with a disposable cornstarch bag (bottom removed), and this was put over the hole in the ground.

We’d had little contact from the group since the initial request to host them – and no response to information we sent about Prague Vienna Greenways and the best route by bike to reach us – in fact they emailed to confirm they were on their way at 2.30 in the morning of the day they were supposed to arrive!

Anyhow, we taught them about the fruit, edible wild greens and mushrooms which grew in the area and together made a splendid hunter-gathered curry (though they did hunter-gather several ingredients from their car). In the end, because of the (inevitable) rain, sleeping bags were rolled out on every surface and everyone camped inside.

Despite the weird food and toileting arrangements they left a note to say:

“On behalf of the entire group, Thank You! 22 days into our journey, your home has been the most unique experience we have encountered thus far… aside from sheer kindness you and the others in the commune displayed, the sustainable living philosophies are (in short) completely admirable. The practices you implement every day are acts the entire world needs to consider much more and it is totally refreshing to witness individuals becoming the change we all wish to see… Thank You!”





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