500 Year Vision

Take pleasure from walking lightly on this Earth

Otherwise, it will defeat you


“Dr. Lindsley told me that an old house will defeat you if you try to restore it all at once – from roof to windows, weatherboarding, jacking it up, central heating, wiring. You must think of doing one thing at a time. First you say to yourself: Today I am going to think about leveling off the sills. And you get all the sills leveled. Then you turn your mind to the weatherboarding. Then you consider the windows. Just one window at a time. That window right there.  You ask yourself, “What’s wrong with that part of that window?” You must do it in sections, because that’s the way it was built. And then suddenly you find the whole thing completed. Otherwise, it will defeat you.”

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

John Berendt


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