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Anyone who is renovating a large house using little more than elbow grease and some judiciously applied paint , as opposed to a Grand Designs budget… will know that for every repair made, another problem is unearthed.

Currently, my main worries are the reed bed which has bowed under the weight of it’s contents, so needs to be emptied, moved out and restructured, as well as the holes in the upstairs ceiling caused by beam which have crumbled (hence hinting at the possibility that similar damage has occurred elsewhere).

We had a very long, very cold winter – six months under snow – keeping the house warm was a major undertaking, and a problem with the mortgage means that we may not get the central heating system installed this year.

So, for balance, it’s important to take stock of the positives.

  • The winter was tough but we survived it
  • We have had amazing people visit us over the past 12 months, allowing us to travel without moving & meet kindred spirits from around the world
  • Far more has been done than I could manage alone – wood cut, willow planted, the hen house built, furniture restored, the garden started, rubble cleared, walls painted, mosaics designed, dragons sculpted
  • The house is clean and tidy most of the time (the housekeeping alone at Nový Mlýn would be a full time job for one person)
  • We have eaten many delicious meals with our ever shifting house-sharers
  • Mushrooms from the forest! enough said really
  • The woods around the house are filled with bilberries – and we have bilberry picking tools we found in the house.
  • Ariela found an amazing strawberry patch just down the road
  • We went on holiday!  For the last 7 years we have only gone to the Czech Republic from the UK or vice versa, so a holiday is a big deal for us. We went to the seaside for a week! And we weren’t burgled because Jaakko looked after everything for us.
  • We have hens
  • The garden is full of delicious greens we didn’t even plant – we just had to learn which weeds are the tasty ones
  • We are living a sustainable lifestyle and sharing our experience with other people

I will keep my mind open for the 87 solutions we are seeking.

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