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Nový Mlýn Menu


We’ve shared some great meals with visitors over the last six months, and each person who comes to us brings with them food ideas from their own family and culture. Here is some inspiration for when we forget what we could have for dinner:

Porridge with honeyed fruit
Home made muesli (oats, wild bilberries*, dried apple, sunflower seeds, raisins)
Bread rolls & toast
Home baked croissants

Builders’ breakfast (a full English breakfast)
Home made bread rolls
Cheese & home made pickle
Vegetable soup
Lemony tomato and lentil soup
Spicy Parsnip soup
Potato and sweetcorn soup
Stinging Nettle soup (because there will be a LOT)
Potato salad
Garden salad
Scrambled eggs with fresh spinach & feta cheese
Fried egg sandwiches
French toast
Czech Easter Egg spread
Czech fish head soup (without the fish heads)
Hummus made with sprouted chick peas
Spicy bean pate
Sunday Roast dinner – with roast veggies, veggie gravy, sage & onion stuffing, bread sauce, Yorkshire puddings, nut roast, roast potatoes.
Australian Smorgasbord

Evening meals:
Baked potatoes with cheesy coleslaw
Herby Puy lentils with Spinach and Feta cheese
Mushroom risotto
Curry Night (Spinach, Potato & Chickpea, Chapattis, Mango chutney, Yoghurt Raita)
Mushroom lasagne
Home made pizza
Home made pasta
Tex Mex ish (Mexican rice, refried beans, salsa, sour cream, tortilla, roast veggies)
Thai green curry (sprout beans in advance)
Wagamama ginger noodle soup
Chinese stir fry with noodles
Polenta with onion, fresh tomato & feta cheese
Fish pie
Dauphinoise potatoes
Fancy mac & cheese

Dried apple
Home made biscuits (cookies)
Home made honey flap jack (granola bars?)
Home made carrot cake
Tábor apple bombs

* We didn’t move to Nový Mlýn and throw everything out. I was just thinking about how we could pick fruit from the forest and had heard about a tool which could be used to quickly pick bilberries – it takes hours to do it by hand. I found something called a blueberry rake on the Internet, but after looking at some pictures, suddenly realised that among a cupboard of mystery tools was something that looked very similar. On closer inspection, one of them actually had a tell-tail dried berry and leaf left in the comb. Wonderful.

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