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In a rare show of workmanship in electrical goods imported to the Czech Republic, my portable stereo has worked well for 15 years – okay – so the casette player died some time ago, but that’s a dead format innit?  I bought it when I lived in Prague for a while in the mid nineties – and it withstood at least 11 house moves. I’d marked my favourite British radio station – Radio 4 – on the dial with nail varnish, but to be honest, hadn’t given the stereo a second thought after discovering how bad the music played on commercial stations could be here.

Not a second thought until… I saw it in the car of our teenage neighbour. He has been hanging around at the house a lot recently, and we even gave him the job of cutting the grass because he seemed lonely… living with his grandmother in a tiny hamlet with not a single sign of friends or a girlfriend. He’d sat on the porch and watched old Czech films with us, and we’d played football together a few times.

When we asked him what the stereo was doing there, he said that he’d bought it in a nearby town. We could have been prepared to believe him about this, well at least there was a type of explanation which wasn’t completely implausible… until he returned the stereo with the radio frequency dial smashed off – it had been there (nail varnished proof and all) half an hour before, when the stereo was sitting in the back of his new car.

If he’d asked if we had an old stereo he could have I would have been happy to give it to him, but instead he took it, which makes him the prime suspect for the break in we had in the winter and the dissapearance of lots of tools from the house.  It’s such a pity. What a stupid, stupid boy.

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