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2008 ends in sunshine


Today is an amazing day. Bright blue sky, sunshine and crisp air. Cold and beautiful. We’re out at the house… something that hasn’t happened very much in recent months because of… working to get the next release of our language learning programme out by the end of the year… thinking it’ll be cold here… loosing our resilience to the lack of running water (no central heating, so we had to drain the water out of the house when the temperatures started to drop to stop pipes and boilers bursting)… and apathy, maybe. The fact that the task seems so daunting at times.

So, my plan today is general cleaning and tidying. It’s not possible to do any painting as paint doesn’t work at these temperatures. Luckily there is always a lot of cleaning and organising to do. I’m just really glad to be here. To be able to potter about undisturbed, to escape out to the forest if I wish. We’ve spent so much time recently cooped up in that dark little flat.

Pavouk the cat has been funny – she spent the whole of last night coming in and out of the house – even though it was minus 8 outside. So much freedom here for all of us. She left a mouse gift by the bed for us, and was kind enough to kill it first, rather than making us catch it ourselves in the middle of the night like last time.

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