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Cherry Heaven


The first weekend in July is when the dark cherries are completely ripe and the bright red cherries just getting there. We have masses, and masses, and masses. So… I invited some people to come over for a cherry picking day on Saturday. The cherry glut is a new problem for us because a late frost destroyed most of the fruit before it set in last year.

I haven’t yet worked out which are the cooking cherries and which are for eating. There is general disagreement with the neighbour saying one thing, and the roofers saying another. I find it difficult to tell because in the UK, cherries never seemed to get that ripe – so were normally somewhat sour.  So… I have picked as many as I can, and given them away to neighbours, students and friends.  When we have water I will be able to make jam. When we have water…

It’s a delicious problem… what to do with so many cherries.  You can take a cherry diet day, for example. Simply, a day on which you eat nothing but cherries. It’s said to be very cleansing. Cherries are certainly a wonder food – they release their energy much slower than many other fruit – they have a low GI index. Friends have also suggested making cherry soup (a sort of juice with other things in it which can be stored for a long time)  and my neighbour in Tabor made a beautiful cake using some of them. In the mean time, I have pickled a good few kilos in vodka. Some with their stalks, some without.

To take the stones out of the cherries, you can use a hair pin. You stick the u shape into the stalk hole from the cherry and hook out the stone. It’s very effective.

I have cut back one of the trees somewhat – the tree is huge with many branches that will always be out of reach – next year the cherries should be less and larger.

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