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Early July is a very fertile time. Walking through the forest this weekend we were able to gather bilberries (the British English name for blueberries), Chanterel & Bolete mushrooms. It’s a beautiful place to be… wandering in the woods… just far enough from the racket from the roofer’s radio. Czech radio… so much to answer for. It went into the 80’s and never left.

Currently, the roof at Nový Mlýn is being replaced. We had expected the roofers to be here on weekdays, but they are working through the weekends during all daylight hours. So… we have 4 permanent guests. Seeing as they are working 16 hour days we are cooking them an evening meal & providing beer.  The food has been quite a challenge because now is not the time to introduce them to contemporary English cooking. We’ve had to search around for Czech recipes & make meat and potato type meals.

The cats are totally freaked out. Two unfortunate events coincided. Last week we installed the new cat door – to stop the neighbour’s cats coming in, making stinks and eating all the food. The new system is controlled by magnets. The magnets are worn by our cats. The full implications of this did not become apparent until we’d put the collars on them. The magnets are very, very strong. The cats now stick to things. For example we have a metal kitchen (a communist throwback), the cats had metal feeding bowls & the table & chairs we brought with us from the UK have metal legs.  Suddenly, as well as having to wear a stupid collar, the cats were clanking onto everything they walked past. Plus, they gather bits of rusty old metal.

Pavouk hid under the woodpile all night in protest. They have made their best efforts to scratch up the collars… which are now very tatty looking, but still attached to the cats.  And then the roofers arrived. People. Clanking. Banging. Stuff being thrown about. Pavouk moved from behind the woodpile to under the duvet, and stayed there for three days. We had to bring her food and water up to the bedroom, but realised just to late about the metal bowls, and the clank sent her scurrying off back under the duvet.

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