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We’ve been working on learnit lists 16 hours a day for way too long. The cats are bored, and we’re not getting enough sleep or sunlight.  So far, we’ve made about 27p – and that’s not going to change until we get our micro payment system installed (or I buy (or write ?) one of those e-books from a marketing expert – where, in point 3, they advise ‘make yourself an expert’. So irritating. I prefer my marketing experts CIM qualified.).

So… the roof is in hand, so to speak.  I’d love to put together a beautiful website for them & send lots of business their way (Cedar is so last year. Larch is local).  An architect visited the premises today to explore for the Ennsovi project. It’s very exciting that things are moving again, but we need to be out there, not messing around on the computers 16 hours a day – hence ghost blog. If it aint learnit, it aint work.

Actually, that’s not totally true.  Over the past few days I’ve put together two case studies for a marketing communications text book, and started structuring 360 days worth of English lessons for www.everydayenglish.cz.  Also, I had my false birthday on Saturday (seeing as it was cancelled two weeks ago due to work pressure).

And spring arrived, then went away (blizzards last week), then returned. Though it’s still hovering around zero first thing in the morning, it’ll soon be warm enough for us to return to the house.  I so need some DIY style exercise.

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“Ghost blogs passing…”

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