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We will soon have water, which means that we’ll soon be able to set up our Water Works UK reed bed. This will be our first innovative sustainable technology at Nový Mlýn. Currently we have wood burning stoves for heat, a composting toilet (now that’s been fun at minus 10)  and low energy lighting throughout the house (of course). Over the next few months we’re going to be adding a Larch roof (a type of wood which is locally grown and bug resistant) and I’m designing the water system with separate flows for separate purposes.

We’ve been looking into a range of eco technology. A heat pump and solar electricity generation would be nice, though they seem to be ridiculously expensive currently. A wind turbine and water powered turbine will be added at some point in the future. Living here for a year has given me a better perspective on what we need now, and what we can realistically achieve at a later date.  For example, we’re planning in the solar hot water system, though we’re not buying the panels just yet.

You have to be really careful as people will now try to sell you anything as being eco – such as nasty cleaning chemicals (because they use less water) or dishwashers. Marketing can be such a black art sometimes.

Anyway, I’m aching from a weekend of hard labour – breaking up wood for the fire & chipping the bathroom tiles from the entrance hall. It’s been an unseasonably warm sunny day, and I’ve heard that it will stay like this for the next month. We’ve been so busy with Nový Mlýn and Learnit lists that we’ve completely forgotten to eat today (it’s now 6.30 pm), I’d say we’re definitely in a state of flow… the web 2.0 startup diet.

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