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Six days later… www.learnitlists.com


The story so far… M has been in contact with a Czech guy who is into the same kind of programming as M I think. Anyway they decided to put something together for the launch of MySpace applications today. They were talking about trying to make a useful gadget, because sites like Facebook are full of useless tat. As we were driving to Prague for our friend’s exhibition opening on Wednesday, he asked me if I had any ideas of what they could do…

Since last Wednesday we’ve been working stupid hours to bring the thing together. I needed to get everydayenglish.cz tidied up before we go live with learnitlists.com as I have everydayenglish.cz as a link on the widget (this is only fair seeing as it was my idea!). Anyway, I’m really pleased with progress so far. I’d been working out paper versions of the 10 words a day method so it’s great to see it transferred to the small screen. I can’t wait to be able to visit all my usual web haunts and have my learnit list appear where there’d normally just be advertising. Let’s hope that this idea has legs.

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