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Learnit widget submitted to Apple Iphone directory


I’ve just gone down to the kitchen. My hands are stinging from the cold. The rest of the house is about 2 degrees c at the moment, but it’s worth venturing out of the lounge (where the wood burning stove lives) for a celebratory cup of tea. We’ve just submitted learnit to the Apple Iphone webapps directory. We’ve had some positive confirmation that the learnit widget works on the Iphone (from the only person I know who has one).

So, things are moving. The house is being torn apart by a friend with an angle grinder and I am beginning to be able to talk confidently about consumer units and 3 phase cabling; so the rewiring is actually happening… about a year later than we thought it would. Now we just need to make the learnit widget a success, so we can pay for the new roof & the other more costly eco technologies we want to bring to Nový Mlýn.

So, we’re waiting to hear when Learnit will appear on the Google gadgets directory. Our widget is registered with Orkut & we’ve done what we can to enable learnit to be in the first wave of applications on Orkut. Now I need to put together a press release for mashable.com.

It feels like the learnit project has already got further than my previous start ups. You learn as you go. I’ve learnt that it’s important for me to be working with other people to smooth out the ups and downs. Looking at the types of Web 2.0 project that are attracting investment currently, learnit will fit right in… surely it’ll happen this time …

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