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We gave datemymate.net a bit of a haircut last week (as opposed to the makeover that’s so badly needed). I am, however, pleased that the site now features knitted cats as profile photos, which will stay there untill users can be bothered to upload a proper photo. I am well aware that I need a real designer to go in there and shake things up a bit. If only we had money coming in…

We’d been running google adsense on datemymate.net for the last few months & it hadn’t generated revenue. I’ve just switched the banner ads over to the Amazon world cloud. It looks far, far better and it’s nice having ads on that could potentially be useful and relevant… mostly books about relationships, instead of ads for dodgy singles sites, the last thing we’d want to be linked to. So, the set up procedure was very simple, but will it work?

I’m curious because the word cloud looks really good, yet I’ve not seen it in use on other sites. Why not? I hope that the word cloud works really well, and informs customers of useful products, then from this we make enough money to do a decend job of redesigning the site. That’s the plan, anyway.

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