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A new roof for Nový Mlýn


We had visitors at Nový Mlýn yesterday, a family firm of wooden roofers. I’m made up. They’re friendly, and professional and have provided a value for money quote. This is a complete contrast to last week: an installer arrived, swore in Czech when he came into the house (thinking I didn’t understand), assumed he didn’t understand what I said, grumpily shook hands with me while staring in a different direction and gave us a quote for a simple one week job which would cost me 4 months of my teacher salary. 

The roof guys brought along one of their sons who spoke good English and were really, well, just nice & genuine. So, we have agreed that the work will happen over the summer holidays because the owner’s son and his friends would like to practice their English with us. We have offered to provide food and accommodation. It would be nice to organise the same kind of thing for them in the UK in future. I’m sure there are green builders wanting a larch roof (they are naturally bug repellent, like Cedar, but they last longer and are grown locally).

They say that they are interested in working in the UK and will give us a commission for every customer we put their way. It’s great that some of the ideas we had about Nový Mlýn are beginning to work out. This is a typical example. The process was: investigate the available technology, judge which is the most eco friendly & sustainable, find a reputable company to install the technology at Nový Mlýn, then promote their work to other green builders. I will now add information about their offering to the 500 year vision website.

A larch roof for Nový Mlýn would be a dream come true. I think we may have to install windows in it just so we can poke our heads out and admire it.

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