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Strange weather


Speeding our way through January we’ve seen a wealth of different weather conditions over the last month. The year started with snow and ice… specifically ice which we skated on as the Jordan reservoir froze solid, providing us with a vast area to practice on in our new skates. We also tried snowboarding for the first time, there being just enough snow in the nearby mountains. All perfectly in line with our expectations of a winter season in Central Europe… however since then it’s been strange. The temperature has increased dramatically, up to 10 degrees c on Sunday evening… so the snow has all but disappeared, and the temperature at Nový Mlýn has really thawed. Can I permit myself to be happy about this?

A tree in the snow

The bright sunshine is making me feel that spring has come early, as if it’s time for our period of hybernation (in other words: knitting season) to end, I worry that other hybernating mammals will feel the same. Of course it’s entirely possible that we will have a second winter arrive to take us through February and March, and given our experience of the seasonal patterns of weather, we have absolutely nothing to go on. M was complaining earlier about the irony that the severe winter a couple of years back lead to the collapse of half our property a couple of weeks after we bought it, but we’ve had hardly any snow here since then. Will the winters here continue to change? Who can know. We had best prepare as well as we can for all possible weather variations. And at least we’re not down at sea level with the ostriches living on Sandbanks.

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