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How to learn new words quickly – the 80:20 rule


Here’e some advice for people learning a new language:

From the list of the 1000 most common English words, learn new words 10 at a time, twice a week. Write down the words in the left hand column in the language you are learning. Fold the paper between columns 6 & 5, then again between 4 & 2. You can now see your new words and column 1. Begin by writing the translation in column 1. With each numbered column, fold the sheet so you can’t see your answers. Vary the order in which you write your answers so that you don’t just learn a pattern of words. By column 6 you will know 80% of the words. Now fold the paper to hide the words you are learning & try writing them out in columns A, B & C. You will find that you can write most of the words out easily.

Try the 80:20 method yourself by printing the sheet below (use both sides of the paper).


Why use an 80:20 rule to learn English? So you don’t waste 80% of your time learning 20% of new words.

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