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How to learn English


This is my guide on how to learn every day english in 10 easy steps.

  1. Listen to BBC Radio 4 on the Internet every day. This is a spoken word station. If you cannot live in an English speaking country, BBC Radio 4 will bring the English speaking country to you! Don’t worry if you don’t understand a word of it. Just put it on in the background when you’re doing other stuff.
  2. You can learn a new language; if anyone else says otherwise, don’t listen.
  3. Don’t even listen to yourself if you think you can’t. As babies all over the world prove year after year, almost everyone can learn a language. No excuses! You CAN do it.
  4. If you are a bit older, learning a language is even more important to help your brain stay young. Use it or loose it.
  5. Use a diary to record 10 useful new words every day.
  6. Which words? Start with the 1000 most common words. Write nouns on post it notes and put them up around your house.
  7. Do you know the 1000 most common English words? If you learn just 3 words every day, you’ll know them by this time next year. 1000 words will go a very long way. You can read English newspapers when you know 1000 words. For example, The Sun is a British newspaper that only uses a few hundred different words.
  8. Do you know the 400 most common phrasal verbs? These are two or three short words which go together to act like a word. They are essential if you want to understand native speakers, who use them in just about every sentence. You have to learn them because the meaning is very different from the meaning of the individual words.
  9. Learn short phrases used in every day English conversations using your new words and phrasal verbs
  10. Practice, practice, practice. You can register for great online services such as www.guardianlanguages.com and practice with other learners from all over the world, as well as native English speakers.

If you follow these rules and learn English a little every day you will be a great English speaker this time next year.

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