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bad rabbit soft toy mobile phone pouch knitting pattern


imag1066.JPGBad Rabbit


Bad Rabbit is a phone case with style. Not hop hop, but hip hop.

Bad Rabbit is cute, in his own bad way. Bad Rabbit is the kind of
rabbit that the C’MONS would hang out with. Bad Rabbit isn’t like the
other rabbits round here. Bad Rabbit is looking out for his other ugly


Bad Rabbit can be made in an evening
following this easy pattern. Make one for yourself & make one for
your friends. Bad Rabbit is going to make a great Christmas gift if you
get your sticks on.




Bad Rabbit could handle an Ipod.

He’ll let you FELT him… if you’re gentle

Just don’t say TECH COSY.




These instructions are provided as a pdf file. If you need another
format, please contact the seller.

Talk to me about knitting
commissions or bespoke designs. Many thanks for looking.

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