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Rock Bog – how to make an effective low flush female friendly urinal


Make your own Rock Bog, it will save loads of water and is really simple, and best of all free.

Convert one of your toilets into a Rock Bog by putting one or two large stones in the bottom of the pan, then reducing the amount of water in the flush with stones or bricks so that you have just a 1 or 2 litre flush.

Why? You’ll have a super efficient liquid only loo which can be used by men AND women (no not so mellow yellow splash back for the ladies). You will save water and money AND it will look nice (a Zen garden in your loo!).

A free idea for you from Bog – the accessible eco bathroom

There is a problem with our drainage and water connection, which means that our indoor toilet is suitable for liquid only, and I have to bring in rain water to flush it (yes, obviously very inconvenient, and not a realistic alternative for our necessities), however I noticed that we were using huge amounts of water for flushing because the volume of water in the bottom of the toilet is so big, meaning that you had to go fill up the bucket for flushing several times a day.

I know that there is an Austrian university which is developing a liquid only toilet which does not have a big u bend so only a little water is necessary to flush waste water through. My idea was to put some biggish stones in the loo to reduce the volume of water there. It’s worked. I now need only a couple of litres to flush, rather than 5 or 10. The rocks also provide a visual reminder not to put anything other than liquids down the loo.

I was thinking that this would work in households with more than one toilet because you could designate one to be liquids only, put yet more stones in the cistern to cut down the amount of water being flushed, but still keep the water clean. It would just mean that people would have to get into the habit of using different toilets for different occasions.

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