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Project Management for beginners


We have been drifting. Drifting, and meeting new friends, and slowly figuring out how Nový Mlýn works, and appreciating our good fortune to be here and now, however, drifting. It’s time to take charge of our destiny & put the Nový Mlýn show on the road.

When I lived in London, I wanted to do an MBA (masters in business administration), but there was no way in hell that my employers would commit to this. Instead I researched the syllabus of a decent MBA & studied each area in turn, using resources such as the library system. I don’t have the kudos of the qualification, but what I learned has been incredibly useful.

So… I will employ the same technique to learning about project management. I’ve project managed before – market research, events & playschemes, but I’ve had an inkling that there must be more method to complex projects than a business plan and a Gantt chart.

I had a bit of a search around to look at various project management software, and discovered that there are massive numbers of such programs. And they can be massively complicated or simple enough to miss massively important details.  I’m going to hold off on selection until I have a better understanding of what I’ll need it to do… but from my initial investigation some of them don’t even have budgets.

Likewise, there are plenty of websites purporting to be the industry standard in professional representation. One that I thought looked credible was the PMI – which has a qualification ‘Project Management Professional’.  Lots of companies offer training towards this qualification, such as this 5 day course. Now, with the help of wikipedia, we can begin.

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