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English weather getting under my skin


I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer scale of what we need to do here. And… worried that we have had such a poor experience of finding people who are willing to even quote for the work we need. I am still waiting for a quote for the heat pump from, well, every single company we have talked to about it. Nobody has said ‘I’m sorry, we’ve just got too much work on at the moment, so we can’t quote for anything at the moment.’ They’ve simply left and not bothered to contact us or return our calls.

So, the roof is leaking, meaning that the supporting joists are getting wet in all this rain, meaning that they will be weakened, and if there is heavy snow fall again, we may have it collapse. That thought scares me. As does facing a winter without a central heating system. We have a limited store of wood. Will we freeze to death in our bed? 

The water permit man didn’t show up last Thursday, as he’d arranged. He has said he will come today. Trying to keep the house clean when we have no running hot water is such a pain. At least now we have M’s income confirmation to the bank for the mortgage. Apparently his accountant sent it from the UK 3 times and each time it was lost in the post. So, six weeks later, are we any closer to having the money we need to pay for the work to make this place habitable?

I guess I’m also effected by the autumnal feel of the weather. It’s been cold and rainy since we got back. And M is still smoking… and I’m still not pregnant… I know he hates me to nag him about the cigarettes, but it’s upsetting, and important he stops. I can’t persuade M to stop smoking, or any builder to do anything on the house, and I suddenly feel a long way from people I care about. I was awake for a lot of last night.

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