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Playing with Payloadz – a toy for programmers only?


Today I am helping a friend of a friend set up an account so that she can sell the toy patterns she produces. So far, my experiments with payloadz.com have produced this (an intermittent advert!!!):

This is not what I wanted. My experience of Payloadz.com so far has been mixed. While it has been nice to have someone occasionally buy my hat pattern, I’ve found the site somewhat confusing, and not been able to access the information I wanted easily. What I thought I was producing was a button which people could click on if they wanted to set up their own payloadz.com account, not an advert for some random payloadz product. Give me a few minutes and I will try again.

width=”125″ height=”125″ border=”0″>

It tells me that I need to change the email address in the code to my own, but there isn’t an email address in the code to change, and it messes up my page with some random bits of code!!! Not pretty.
Try again with the banner ad instead of the square one:

width=”468″ height=”60″ border=”0″>

And it navigates readers away from my page, instead of opening a new window for them.

And, as I have now discovered, if you’re using snapfish (a nice little application which shows a pic of a web site when you hover over a link) your payloadz buttons don’t work any more. Hmm.

It’s such a shame that this simple, useful tool for income generation has a poor execution.

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