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Two weeks of hard labour


On the plus side, I’m sleeping very well and my jeans are looser… at the expense of being somewhat achey and uncommunicative. When M has been working in Tábor at the flat, he comes home with a super solar shower full of hot water for me. We can’t wait to have the water supply connected, but we are still waiting for any information from the phone company O2.

This morning as I was working on windows I saw two young goats playing hide and seek on next door’s roof. They know they’re not supposed to be up there because when the neighbour returns to wherever we’ve been, they jump off quicketysnap. I spotted our neighbour repairing his roof the other day & wonder if it’s goat related damage. If they don’t buck up, they’ll be stew.

It’s a lovely Friday evening, back to being warm and sunny after a little cold blip, and I’m back at the flat. The last couple of weeks we’ve been at Novy Mlyn as much as possible to help the cats settle in. I’ve now got a handle on the buses – it seems the done thing here is for local people to give lifts to anyone they see walking to the bus stop. The only people who don’t stop are the weekenders – who have good jobs elsewhere, hence a nicer car.

I’ve had a lot of thinking time over the last few days, while stripping paint with a hot air gun & sanding down window frames… it’s just that I’m too tired to write any of it down by the time I get back to the flat… and there’s always officey stuff to be done when I’m back in the office. A little discombobulated in the office anyway as the Skype phone has stopped working, and I am still using my computer in safe mode – so no sound – until M has time to work out what to do about the computer virus.

The cats seem to like Novy Mlyn. The scared one, Pavouk, would be scared of everything anyway, today she jumped a metre in the air because of a fly. She is also scared of trousers, cups of tea etc, however she is very relaxed at the sound of cars and trucks and gunfire (we discovered last night). When she’s not running away she’s lovely and affectionate.

It would be nice to work on the house for 4 hours, write for a bit then do a later ‘shift’ of physical work, more than 8 hours in a day really tires me… I need to adapt my ways of working. At the moment I am concentrating on physical work around the house, but I need to make sure I keep up with everything else… if only I could get through to someone from our phone company, O2, in order to set up the Internet connection at Novy Mlyn, but the water is the priority.

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