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Eco friendly but moth unfriendly


Hmm, now we have our stuff at Novy Mlyn I have a new problem… moths. So, I did a little bit of research & came up with some strategies.

There are two different types of pest moth that will affect us – the sort that like to eat our food – such as cereals, grains & pulses, and the sort which will love to eat my knitwear & yarn – especially anything containing nice and tasty wool, cashmere & angora. Geraniums are used extensively to deter flies, so I have mixed geranium essential oil with a carrier oil and placed it in bowls between the two layers of window in the bedroom. I have made a similar concoction with peppermint to deter the clothes moths. I will ask my friends to bring a huge bag of cloves & whole chillies over from the fantastic Pakistani shops in Birmingham, and I need to buy some oranges so that I can make orange peel & clove pot pourri, which is also said to have moth repellent properties (finally I get to find out why pot pourri exists!). The whole dried chillies I will thread on string interspersed with bay leaves to hang in the kitchen cupboards (when we get kitchen cupboards!).

After I put the Geranium essential oil in the bedroom, no flies came into the room during the day, but in the evening there was one visitor. I will try different types of essential oils in other rooms to see what works best. The citronella torches on the front porch seem to deter the mozzies, in fact I have been bitten only a couple of times in the last week, even though I’m normally quite a target for the bugs.

Before packing away our various quilts I have been airing them in the garden, in strong sunlight, as recommended. Such items which can’t be washed can be treated by a run on high in a dryer to kill the moth larvae, apparently, however I prefer the idea of a 48 hour spell in the freezer as this will be less energy intensive. A run through the washing machine will kill off larvae too, fabric type permitting. I’m then packing items up into plastic, where possible… though this is not as effective as a cedar wood chest – I don’t yet possess such a piece of furniture – maybe I’ll go buy some cedar essential oil for my knitting stuff.

I need to keep an eye out for any of the moths – they are small & beige/gold, and check my clothing, wool & bedding on a regular basis. I will report back with progress.

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“Eco friendly but moth unfriendly”

  1. On June 21st, 2009 at 11:33 pm 500 Year Vision » Blog Archive » Moth repellent revisited Says:

    […] Last year I researched which essential oils were disliked by moths and put little glasses in various cupboards and drawers to ward off unwanted visitors.  When I went back to them, the scent had faded and a sticky oil residue was left on the containers – which was a pain to clean off. […]

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