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Beautiful Bathrooms – a small scale miracle


It’s probably difficult for anyone who’s not lived without drainage to appreciate this… something marvellous happened yesterday. I poured some water down the loo – in a ‘devil may care’ can’t hurt to try it again kind of way – and it went down!!!

On Monday night we had a short conversation with an older guy who was passing by. I have no real idea what he said, but this is the impression I got (remember my Czech is really rubbish and I currently understand 1 word in 5) … it was him who wrote ‘god’s work’ on the side of the barns, as some kind of funny joke. Our neighbour had been ordered to unblock the drainage from Novy Mlyn. Equally he could have been talking about the Iraq war. I only came up with this interpretation of the conversation on Tuesday night, after discovering we had drainage from the toilet.

Now, in a radically eco way, our plan is to have separate 1’s and 2’s toilets. I think that the Monday night guy said that our drainage goes straight into the stream. So, our temporary solution is to use the bathroom only for number 1’s and continue using the outdoor toilet for 2’s. This will make staying at Novy Mlyn suddenly much, much easier. And we can use the ‘super solar shower’ and hang it over the bath. Once we get the GROW system over from the UK, we will be able to put all waste water through this, rather than into the pretty little stream called ‘maple brook’, and run a basic composting unit as soon as we can purchase this.

Can’t wait to take an ‘after’ photo to contrast with the image below! I spent hours yesterday scrubbing the place from top to bottom. It now looks like a slightly grubby student share bathroom, but the bath has come up well & I’ve managed to remove all cement, watermarks & unidentified other coatings. Must find my camera. Now, if by ‘flushing’ you include emptying a bottle of rainwater, and in saying ‘hot shower’ you’d get by with solar heated rainwater – we’re perfectly set up to start inviting guests to stay at Novy Mlyn!

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