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This week I’ve been able to spend 3 days at Novy Mlyn.  It’s been absolutely great to be there. The countryside is really green now, and the blossom is out on the apple trees in the orchard by the house.

Wet weather over the weekend meant that the water barrel was filled so I was able to put in a day of cleaning – such marvellous things as scrubbing some of the downstairs doors so that we can repaint them – but truly marvellous after having such little available water previously. It feels great! We can’t do any of the big tasks (such as clearing the barns) until we hear about the mortgage, however we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts on improving what we can – so repairing the paintwork where it’s scruffy & tidying up the garden. I’ve spent two working days this week on the main gate, which was looking sorry for itself, and is now looking purple.  Not sure which M prefers. The colour was achieved by mixing red and blue – as purple does not seem to be in vogue at present.   My question today is, who left us in charge?

There is a small garden with a low wooden fence enclosing it at the front of the house. I will paint this white and it will look very twee. Further tweeness – I am going to make it into a Melia memorial garden.  I know it sounds strange, but I think I might ask Bristol Uni for her ashes.  We will plant herbs there, the grape vines I planted last year have (miraculously) survived the unusually mild winter – but we will need to cover them thoroughly in the autumn.  The vine will trail through the metal fence at the front – which is fairly nondescript – but in need of painting – so need to buy some more metal paint tomorrow. I am going to buy a Wisteria to train round the porch – in memory of my cat. I think it’s what she would have wanted – alongside a simple funeral and some weeping acquaintances, but I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to request such a thing from the guy at Bristol Uni who asked what I wanted them to do. I have always wanted a Wisteria.

We hope that by smartening up the appearance of the house, the mortgage valuer will be less unimpressed by our lack of water/sanitation/sanity in buying the place.

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