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On Friday I (with a great sense of achievement and the help of very kindly Czech officials who spoke some English) managed to get a copy of the official documents which say that the property is ours.  Buying a house in a foreign country is certainly an adventure. You’re at most ever 73 percent sure you have understood correctly – and what you are sure about is very expensive (fluent English lawyers are quite a luxury!).

Hmm, so, we have a quote for the new well. We can now afford to pay for a new well… we just need to get permission for the new well.  Easy – for a bumbling British couple who speak very basic Czech! It is certainly helping me pick up new and novel language anyway.   I think that what we need to do next is get a written document from both the electricity company and the phone company, detailing where any underground wires may be.  And, of course, we need documents about the company which holds our property. We also need permission for the reconstruction… I’m not yet exactly sure what this entails, I think a project plan in Czech submitted, but the nice Czech lady who tried her best to speak to me using easy words, said that it wasn’t a very expensive thing.  At least it will be a reasonable request to take away our asbestos roof and change it to wood.  We know that we cannot use ceramic tiles because of the pitch of the roof.

In other news… we are yet again exhausted from a weekend of hard physical graft, interspersed with a couple of gentle nights out in Tábor.  We are as set as we can be for the move, though still not decided about whether to move all of our stuff to the flat, or to Novy Mlyn.  Many things managed to sell on Ebay, which is a great relief… though it is somewhat strange (maybe cathartic)  that so many of our things will start a new life at the same time as we do.

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