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The next car problem


At 8am Saturday morning we discovered yet another problem with our car from AAA Auto. This time, another simple problem, the alarm which reminds you that the lights are on is intermittent. We’re not in the habit of using headlights in the day – as is the law here – so we’d left the lights on overnight, hence a flat battery. It was the first day that M would be able to work on the house – so we’d had an early night and got up at the crack of dawn (for us, Czechs normally start work a good 2 or 3 hours earlier than we do!). As a result, I would say M was a tad frustrated. It was lucky everyone was up already & our neighbours don’t understand Saxon English. I think we could write a daily list of minor calamities we have experienced alongside the list of kindly Czechs who have helped us out of them.

This time, the stars were… our landlord and the guy from the peugeot garage round the corner. After a quick recharge and jump start failed, our landlord lent us the battery out of his car for the day! Our landlord is possibly the best in the country, if not the world, and has been incredibly helpful and accommodating of a bumbling British couple who don’t really have a clue!

So we reached Novy Mlyn after all & spent the day painting. Our neighbour’s teenage grandson stopped to talk to us frequently. At one point he turned up with his stereo and we were regaled (?) with an interesting mix of tape side a) Czech Metal, side b) Simon & Garfunkel played on pan pipes, interspersed with typical Czech 1980’s radio – Phil Collins etc. M thinks we should market folk music as a teenager deterrent.

Anyway, despite everything, we had a beautiful day. Absolutely exhausting, but great. It’s so satisfying to be working on our home – even if we can’t really live there just yet. Feeling tired & happy, suntanned & I think a bit fitter.


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