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Melia gone


It has been an eventful week. We’ve been preparing for our move from Birmingham to Novy Mlyn. Melia died on Tuesday. The vets at Bristol University Feline Centre say that her kidney function collapsed after she was given the Iodine injection. At the moment she is still segregated – in a freezer – as she remains radioactive. It seems a rather undignified end. I’m obviously sad, but it feels awful that I haven’t actually seen her for quite some time. We tried our hardest to make sure that she got the medication she needed to test for kidney function after the thyroid condition was treated but her thyroid levels were never low enough when she was tested at the vets. The vets at the university said that we could deal with any kidney problems if they arose. I had no idea that it could happen so quickly and fatally.

When I was back in the UK she seemed somewhat lethargic while I was there. Now I think it was because she was experiencing kidney problems as her thyroid levels fell. Anyway, this is my last picture of her:


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