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Life on auction


I’ve made the ultimate commitment to moving out of the UK – by putting my worldly possessions on Ebay – the auction website (well, the heavy worldly possessions). It feels a bit strange, to be honest.  Environmentally, it has to be better to sell things in Birmingham and then buy here, rather than transporting stuff that would be easily replaceable.  The problem is that I have no idea what things will sell for. The auctions will finish the Sunday before we return to England.

We’ll be back on the Wednesday night – so just a week to pack up & move out – and M will have to work as well.  A lot to organise.  I hope that our remaining possessions will fit in the van!

bialitt-drawer-side.jpg bistro-table-chairs.jpg cast-iron-chair.jpg cast-iron-rose.jpg dryer.JPG flip-sun-lounger.jpg gorm-shelving-units.jpg ikea-robin-cd-storage-unit-blue.JPG imag0381.JPG imag0386.JPG imag0393.JPG imag0394.JPG imag0395.JPG new-york-futon.jpg picnic-bench.jpg rose-table.jpg shed.jpg shelves-with-canvas-cover.JPG wardrobe-storage-no-cover.JPG washer1.JPG bath.jpg

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