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Life decisions & reed bed research


novymlynkadastra.JPGWe have decided to move here whole heartedly – ie give up our room in the rented house in Birmingham. We were lucky to find an English man, John Davey, who is working in London in May, and driving back to the vicinity of Tábor with an empty van at the beginning of June. So, we’ve arranged to borrow the van to pick up our furniture etc. from Birmingham. So, back to brum at the end of the month for a heavy few days packing up & cleaning the house.

I was nervous about making the decision because it seems like a big deal.  And moving Melia over here is pretty committing.  At the moment she is at the feline centre at Bristol University.   She is having treatment for a thyroid condition which involves a radioactive injection. I hope that she stops being radioactive in time for us to travel across Europe with her.   As it is, I’m glad she’ll be with us, and with the invention of the pet passport, if we need to, we can always head back to the UK.

I have also placed an order for a GROW reed bed for Novy Mlyn. This will be the very first step in the sustainable design at Novy Mlyn. I was just thinking that while we are putting in the rest of the plumbing, we can use it to filter the water from the pond – which is the bit called 643/8 on the map above & half of our total land area at Novy Mlyn. The two oblongs on the bottom left are the fallen barns/outhouses. We need to commission a company to mark the boarders of the property because the fences are not currently in the right places. Apparently there is a local company that can do such a job & mark the boarder with wooden stakes.

I was a bit concerned about whether GROW could handle the output from a washing machine. After a bit of research I have come across the following product: Sanyo Aqua – this uses ozone to clean clothing. However, it is not clear that the machine will be available to buy in Europe. The alternative would be a traditional washing machine & very tight control on the types of washing liquids used.

It’s a difficult decision to make but… we’ve decided to buy a newer car. I’ve done a bit of research on sources of biodiesel. Here they seem to be large commercial operations – hence the abundance of rape seed being grown, rather than oil sourced from the waste stream. At least it will be going in a right direction & we will be able to use ‘recycled’ biodiesel when we can find it. We’ve been here two months and only managed to visit Novy Mlyn twice. At last we will be able to go there in the evenings after work as we’d envisaged. Also, it means that driving back to the UK, as well as visits to other parts of the EU become viable.  The purchase is dependent on Mike being given a residence card on Friday, so again, we’re not very certain it will happen quickly.

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