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Damp bricks


I’ve made an unfortunate discovery at Novy Mlyn. On the north side of the house there is a hole in the plaster & the bricks underneath are crumbly. Will bricks with the consistency of cheese hold up my house? And what do I do about it? Is it possible to dry them out some how. They are damp now when there has been very little rain over the last 3 months. Better do some research.

We went out to the house on Monday night & stayed over – just like we were planning to (for the last two years!). Yet again I am covered in paint – even after a long bath which did at least remove the dirt. Interestingly, the most effective way of removing oil based paint from skin appears to be baby wipes. Goodness knows what chemicals they have in them … far easier than soap, water & scrubbing. Anyway, 3 fence panels later Mike arrived back from work – and was clearly horrified with how dirty I was – he said I looked like a coal miner/chimney sweep/street urchin.  Least I have the evidence that I did a thorough job.

The fence will take a while – of 6 panels, it took 9 hours to brush down and paint the fronts of 3 (working on the fronts first). I used a mix of black, red and blue “universal lak” – which went on a very deep purple & dried to a disappointing black. The wood was very absorbent – so the 3 cans will probably only cover the 6 fence panels. We also bought a heat gun to start redoing the paintwork inside the house – so that’ll keep us busy (for the rest of our lives).

All this work is great training for our trip back to the UK – which will be hard labour as well. Things are selling on Ebay. I just hope the plan works and I am able to sell them for the same amount of money as I will need to replace them – really not sure yet. Life is such a gamble!


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