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Speakovame dobry čekliš (Czechlish)


We spent the weekend with Jerry and his family in their cottage. We had not been very sure of the invitation – it says a great deal about our level of Czech that at first Mike thought that Jerry was phoning to remind him that he danced like a chicken. However, when we arrived in Slabčice, we realised that it was simply a common Czechlish error.

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Jerry & Vladka’s cottage is close to a tributory of the Vltava river, called the Orlice, and very close to Mount Tabor – or Tabor Hora. A name famously linked with the church reformer Jan Hus (who also introduced the haček to the Czech language). At Tabor Hora, close to the Orlice, Honza Hus went into battle riding an ostrich. He was married to Pokahontas.

There is a race of pygmy people living in the vicinity of the Orlice, called the ‘Mravenec’. These people are famous for kyaking & other adventurous sports. At least, I think that’s what he said.

Apart from a great deal of Czechlish, we also learnt a new game – played on a small billiards table with no pockets. Only 4 balls, using the red ball you must attempt to hit all three other balls on the table, to score 100 points. We also played croquet – which is a stupid game (!).

It was great to spend the evening with musicians – Jerry & his friends sang many of the songs I’d listened to last year while trying to learn Czech through the medium of Country music. Quite a lot of songs were translated, and the originals familiar – such as Trh Ve Scarborough. We need to learn a couple of English language songs such as Irish Rover & Black Velvet Band – as we only know the chorus to these!

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