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Research day


So, still no news on the mortgage.
Today has been a day of research. After reading an interesting article in the New Scientist (what is the opposite of ‘oxymoron’ without being an obvious statement) I’ve done some research about NoMix technology. From what I can see, this is one of the many eco inventions in academia, and though the web site was informative, when I finally found it, there was no indication that it would ever become a commercial product offered for sale. It is currently undergoing testing in Switzerland by novaquatis (a project called Nova pp!) – and would not be ready for Novy Mlyn for some time. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I’ve chased a few people about various parts of the project. It says much that I loose documents in my filing system. The three distinct categories of Novy Mlyn, the 500 year vision shop & bog frequently overlap. I’m a little concerned as to how to run the accounts on this basis. All three are integral to each other.

I am hoping that I will shortly be able to start building the reed bed system for testing at Novy Mlyn. I need to find a like-minded architect to spec the many eco elements to the build.

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