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Novy Mlyn – what first?


First of all, spurious pictures. Something I’ve not seen before – balls hanging in trees to celebrate spring:

imag0424.JPG imag0423.JPG

We’re here now. It’s time to sort out Novy Mlyn.

Stage 1 will be the house itself, then sorting out the fallen barns, before landscaping the garden & pond.

Once we have the mortgage we will be able to begin the work.

Taking the advice of my carpenter great uncle, we will start with the roof. The attic steps need replacing & the entire building must be treated for woodworm.

The well can be sunk & the external drainage repaired.

Simultaneously, the back upstairs windows can be replaced in the bathroom & Anne’s room. Once these are done, we can make a judgement about replacing other windows.

We need to make toilet decisions. This would be much easier had we been able to see Sunmar in action somewhere. I’ve resubmitted a request for a quote for the system, and am waiting for the mortgage guy to get back to me today.

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