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Not Good Friday.



The purchase of a car is always going to be a controversial decision for the eco conscious.  I believe the best solution would be to buy a second hand diesel powered vehicle, and use biodiesel as fuel.  I really need to meet some local greens who would know how to go about such a scheme.  In the mean time, I am desperate to get to Novy Mlyn and start working on the project there.  In the mean time we will buy something old, then resell it once we have a greener alternative available.  And, of course, right now 500 year vision has no income to speak of.

So today we spent 12 hours on a big trip to go buy a beautiful car, but didn’t have the right paperwork. So, no car, hence no way of getting to Novy Mlyn over the Easter weekend. M very unhappy about the trip.

Good things about wasted trip to Trebič – beautiful countryside. Saw three other Czech towns (and Tábor is definitely the prettiest!). And now experienced in planning journeys across the Czech republic. At least now we know we can’t buy a car. We stopped off at a restaurant on the main square in Trebič, which was full, and rowdy, and drunken, with people playing guitars and singing – at 10 am in the morning. Still don’t know why.

M is determined to go get the necessary paperwork next week, but I doubt I’ll be able to persuade him to make the trip to Trebič again, which is a damn shame because the car was beautiful. Now I know I would like a Skoda 100 (we cannot get to Novy Mlyn on public transport – or even near it, at weekends, and it is too far to cycle – for a non-professional cyclist at any rate). It’s frustrating, but as M pointed out, at least we are spending time in Tábor and getting to know the town, and even some people!

We went out to a place named ‘The Pub’ – a Pilsner bar where they have put beer on draft to each table. In the corner there is a screen which compares which tables have drunk the most beers. Definitely has to be seen. They don’t have one in Prague yet – it’s painful to think what would happen if you had stag nights there.

Tábor is gearing up for the tourist season. This weekend there were loads of workmen constructing decks outside cafes & restaurants. Spring is very definitely here. Every time we go out, the town looks greener.

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