500 Year Vision

Take pleasure from walking lightly on this Earth

Maybe we’re going away for the weekend?


Things seem to be going slowly at the moment. It’s hard not being able to get to the house & I’m still waiting for responses from lots of people about lots of different projects. I try to work to my enthusiasms, but projects seem to be slightly adrift at present.

We think we’ve been invited away for the weekend! A guy we met at a bar a few weeks ago phoned & probably arranged for us to join him & his family at their cottage. Thing is, we’re not completely sure about it, only about 87%. Will have to wait & see what happens tomorrow.

A very odd coincidence: I did a search of images on  Google for ‘tulip cafe prague’ and on the first page is a picture of the guy who I am working for at The English Centre. No explanation as to why. Is Google far more sophisticated than I think. Could it be something to do with our geographical location? Mysterious.

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