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Holes in buckets


The paperchase continues. In order to purchase a car, one of us needs a residence permit. I can’t as I still have my unmarried name on my passport (we need the marriage certificate to change this – and that’s in the UK).

M can, but needs to have an officially stamped copy of our rental agreement, the company formation documents for Passer s.r.o. and a letter from himself saying that he is an employee of his own company in the UK (I think officially translated and stamped as well). Once we have gathered said documents, we will go back to the foreign police and see if they like them. Then, all we need to do is find a car, organise our insurance – povinné ručení (maybe from UNIQUA – 800 120 020) & register it.

In the mean time, we’ll buy  another bike once M is paid.

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“Holes in buckets”

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