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A very sunny day in Tábor


It’s been a lovely week. The town looks pretty with blossom and new leaves on the trees. And every little restaurant is gearing up for the tourist season by constructing decks for tables and chairs on the pavements and around the square. I have even managed to drag M away from his computer on occasion!

This week I began teaching for the English Centre in Tábor. The lessons have been very enjoyable. I have met very interesting people, with varied & exciting lives. I’m really pleased about it. I was nervous, but I think it went okay – I hope my students got as much out of it as I did!

Quote from M yesterday ‘what kind of hell hole did we come from!’ – after yet again seeing something and saying ‘well you wouldn’t get that in England’.

Today we visited the foreign police in Tábor. They were lovely and even spoke to us in English. We needed long term residence in order to buy a car, however we need proof of employment and officialised copies of our rent agreement to get this. So, the upshot is that we won’t be buying a car this weekend.  Instead we are going to buy a bike for Mike & attempt to cycle to our house – it’s quite a long way, and quite a big hill – but if we take our time, we should be okay. This is eco friendly, however will mean that we can’t just ‘nip over’ there for a few hours in the evening after work.  It’ll get us fit!

Joke from yesterday – listening to bird song – what are they shouting about – “there’s a sale on at nestsRus”  M “everything’s going cheep, cheep, cheep.”

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